Does the text look strange (blurry or bit-mapped) on your screen when visiting this Web site?

If so, you are most likely using Internet Explorer as your browser (Firefox and Safari generally don’t have this problem).

1. Not all computers have the same fonts used in designing a Web site, but mostly this is occurs when using the Internet Explorer browser, which defaults to a generic font which is generally ugly, a different size and rewraps the text so it’s not aligned with anything. You should not have this problem in Mozilla Firefox (free Firefox browser download at

2. IE 7 by default turns on “ClearType” function which is meant to make your Web site clearer on LCD monitors (but bad on CRT). To restore text to normal (on CRT monitors), uncheck the ClearType command:

Open IE7 browse
Go to Tool Tab on Menu Bar
Click and open Tool menu
Click Internet Options
Click Advanced Tab
Scroll down to Multimedia
Uncheck “Always use ClearType for HTML”
Click apply
Click OK
Shutdown all browsers and programs
Reboot your computer

Can’t see images or coupons on pages?

Different browsers show Web sites differently. If you can’t see the images or coupons, please try the following:

Enable background printing in Firefox for Mac

1.With the page you want to print open, choose File > Print.
2.Choose Firefox from the print dialog's pull-down menu that defaults to "Copies & Pages."
3.Select the checkbox labeled "Print Background Images."

Enable background printing in Internet Explorer for Windows

1.Open Internet Options in the Control Panel.
2.Click the Advanced tab.
3.Scroll down to find the Printing heading and select the checkbox labeled "Print background colors and images."
4.Click Apply

Enable background printing in Firefox for Windows

1.Choose File > Page Setup.
2.Click the Format & Options tab.
3.Select the checkbox labeled "Print Background (colors & images)."
4.Click OK.

To enable background image printing in other Web browsers, please consult your browser's documentation.